Potatoes can do that

A potato is just a potato. Or is it?

Few people realise the full potential of this seemingly simple natural product. Literally, when you consider the richness in vitamins, carbonhydrates and proteins it contains. But also in terms of what we can do with it and what it means for people all over the world and for the future of our planet.

Potatoes and its derivatives bring joy and creativity to the tables of millions of consumers. They are at the base of new, healthy and delicious products that can conquer new markets. And they play a crucial role in solving the challenge of feeding a growing world population in a sustainable way.

And last, but not least: potatoes can give you the career of your life. Whether you are a product developer, a logistical expert, a creative marketeer or an IT-specialist, at Aviko -the world’s largest potato processing company- you’ll discover that this simple potato brings out the best in you.